African American Family In The ParkNo matter what parenting decision you make, exploring adoption is a responsible and mature decision. Investigating adoption does not mean that you have to make that commitment. You have time to gather more information to make an informed decision. If you are not ready to be a parent, you can make an adoption plan for your baby. You can have a hand in planning your baby’s future by selecting a family to care for your child and determining how much contact you want with your child.

Adoptions come in 3 basic forms. An “open” adoption is where you choose your child’s family. You can have ongoing contact with the family and your child through letters, pictures, and possibly phone calls and visits. A “partially open” adoption allows you to choose the type of family that you want your child to be in, and the adoption advocates or adoption lawyers will choose the particular family. You can get updates about your child through pictures and letters. A “confidential” adoption is where the adoption advocate or lawyer will choose the adoptive family, and the family will not know information about you other than potential medical information that will be beneficial for the care of your child.

We offer additional information about adoption and referral information for adoption agencies.  Exploring adoption with Avenues for Women or an adoption agency does not obligate you to choose adoption.

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