Other Potential Effects of Abortion

There continues to be debate whether abortion carries additional risks besides physical ones. However, there is research that suggests a strong link between abortion and related difficulties. Woman have also reported hardships in various areas that they associate with past abortions. Abortion may have emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual risks that can affect women shortly after an abortion or may affect her years later.

Mental & Emotional

Most women report initial feelings of relief after an abortion. Others report strong negative feelings following the procedure. Women can also have mental and emotional problems related to the abortion occur months or even years later. Evidence suggests that abortion increases risk for the following:

  • Clinical Depression and Anxiety
  • Symptoms consistent with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Suicidal Thoughts and Behavior


While many choose abortion in attempt to preserve the romantic relationship, some research suggests that abortion actually increases the risk for relational problems. Some women have reported difficulty with sexual activity after an abortion including lack of interest, discomfort, and decreased satisfaction. Others seek abortion as a means to better care for other children, however some women have reported that having an abortion led to a negative affect the parent-child relationship. Other family relationships may suffer depending on others’ beliefs about abortion or the woman’s attempt to maintain secrecy about an abortion.


People hold to various understandings of who God is and God’s role in their life. Having an abortion may impact you spiritually regardless of your spiritual beliefs. It may be important to consider what you believe God thinks about your situation or potential decision? What do you believe about your baby as a spiritual being? How do you think your spiritual life could be affected by an abortion? Counselors at Avenues for Women can help you think through the potential spiritual effects.